Sunday, February 2, 2014

Holding Jesus in Your Arms

Have you held Jesus in your arms today?

In his new audio program John of the Cross:  Poet and Mystic, Dr. Keith Egan, T.O.C., reads the beginning of John’s Romance 6, a poem that begins with an account of the Presentation of Jesus in the temple.  Like Simeon, Dr. Egan suggests, we too are invited to take our Lord into our own hands, to hold him in our arms, and to press him to our heart.

In these and other prayers,
a long time had passed. 
but in the later years,
their fervor swelled and grew,

when the aged Simeon
burned with longing,
and begged God that he
might see this day.

And so the Holy Spirit
answering the good old man
gave him his word
that he would not see death

until he saw Life
descending from the heights,
until he took God himself
into his own hands

and holding him in his arms,
pressed Him to himself.

Fr. Egan’s audio CD set John of the Cross:  Poet and Mystic, is available in the Religious Ed office for anyone who might like to borrow it.  Please contact Catherine if you're interested!

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