Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Enter into the Extraordinary!

Take a step out of the ordinary this week… 
and enter into the extraordinary celebration of the Triduum!

As those who have made this journey will tell you, the Easter Triduum is unlike any other moment in the Church’s liturgical calendar.  To enter into this singular event is to step out of chronological time and enter into kairos time, into a kind of sacred space or holy ground where nothing – no song or gesture or prayer – feels quite the same.  Triduum ("three days") is total immersion into the Passion, Death, and Rising of Jesus.

Come, join us at the table on Holy Thursday evening for the Feast of the Lord’s Supper, as feet are washed and Eucharist is blessed, broken, and shared, then borne in procession for Adoration...

Follow in Jesus’s steps on the Way of the Cross on Friday afternoon, as we pray and absorb the lessons of a moving set of Stations, then venerate the Wood of the Cross in remembrance during the most special Communion service of the year…  Friday evening, meditate on the Seven Last Words of Christ during the ecumenical service hosted by Peace Lutheran Church, which brings insights from Christian leaders throughout Mill Valley together under one roof…

Witness the Light of Christ as it slowly fills our church on Holy Saturday evening... The Word of God recalls to mind our own salvation history from Genesis to Romans…  And we celebrate with exuberance the full participation of our catechumens at Eucharist with us, the culmination of their own journey through Baptism and the Cross to the joy of new birth…

Lend your joyful voice to our communal celebration of Jesus's Resurrection on Easter Sunday as the church is filled with new light and we become infused with a deep knowledge of God's enduring and abiding love...  and rejoice!

Come, enter the Triduum… Pray with us, and let that prayer transform you, allowing you to embrace the deepest sorrows of the Passion as well as the most exalted joys of His Rising.

Enter into the Extraordinary ~ Join us for the Triduum!
(For specific times and locations for all of the above, click here.)

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