Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sunday Gospel Reflection, July 13, 2014: The one who hears the word...

Are you open to the Word of God in your life?

In our readings this Sunday, the prophet  Isaiah uses a beautiful image to embody the Word of God, namely, water sent from the heavens:  rain and snow that make the earth fertile and fruitful, giving seed to the one who sows and bread to the one who eats.  God’s Word thus comes to us gently and is meant to permeate all creation, nourishing us if we are open to it, making things happen in our world, and in us, and thus achieving the end for which God sent it – an embodiment of God’s faithfulness to covenant. Psalm 65 reinforces this imagery with the portrait of a generous God who has tilled the earth, filling it with blessings:  Thus have you prepared the land, drenching its furrows, […] softening it with showers, blessing its yield.

Yet remember:  God’s Word is not 'just' Scripture, but also Jesus himself, the Word made flesh who was present at creation and continues to engage us and dwell within us today.  So when, in the parables of Matthew this week, we hear about a sower sowing seed, that seed needs God’s word to thrive, the word that is Jesus himself, the word of the kingdom whom we, as Christians, are called to hear.  Paul reminds the Romans that they have all received the firstfruits of the Spirit; they have all been redeemed, and that redemption entails a responsibility.  You must strive to be good seed, Jesus tells his disciples, sown on rich soil and nourished by the love that is Jesus himself, Jesus, the Word of God.  It is, at heart, a question of challenging ourselves to faith, making an effort to hear the word and understand it, remaining open to it, daily, so that we can be bountiful, bearing good fruit, a harvest that gives glory to God, spreading his Word, giving birth to the joy set forth in the psalm, a joy that will be complete with our full adoption in glory.

This post is based on the Thursday Scripture class.
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