Saturday, April 15, 2017

Without the Tomb (T. Perlmutter)

   None of us plans on sitting outside a tomb, believing our story is over and there will be no happy ending.  But the tomb has to be there.  It’s the quintessential plot device.  And we have to spend some time sitting outside of it.  It’s where repentance finds us.  Where we finally, reluctantly reveal our brokenness.  It’s where healing happens.  It’s the place where waiting and wisdom collide.

   Without the tomb, none of us is rescued.  Without the tomb, the story is incomplete and worthless.  Without the tomb, there is no place or reason for resurrection.  Life doesn’t end at the tomb, or even inside the tomb.  The tomb is the pinnacle of the most unlikely of fantasy stories – a man who comes back from the dead because he wants children to know that they were worth dying for, and even more, worth defeating death for.  The tomb is a gift that breaks our hearts open wide enough that only the resurrection can heal them.

--Tammy Perlmutter, Holy Saturday:  Sitting Outside the Tomb

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