Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Faith (Richard Smallwood)

There are times when adversity
seems to overtake your life.
Doubts and fears seem to cloud your mind
and confusion’s all inside.
But there’s a message for you, my friend,
and I know this word is true:
just have the faith of a mustard seed
and there’s nothing you cannot do.

(If you have the faith) you can move mountains
(Just keep the faith) nothing is impossible
(Hold onto your faith) you shall overcome
(According to your faith) just believe and it shall be done.

Your river may seem too hard to cross
and your mountains too hard to climb,
but you conquer your circumstance,
if you keep this thought in mind:
Faith is the substance of things hoped for
and the evidence of things not see;
if you walk by faith and not by sight,
you can realize your dream.


(Faith) faith,
(Faith) gotta have it
(Faith) faith,
(Faith) really need it.
(Faith) without faith it’s impossible
(it’s impossible to please you)


Faith, faith, faith
mustard seed…

To hear Faith by Richard Smallwood, click on the video below.

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