Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Thirst (Kathy Mattea)

Friends I could count on, I could count on one hand
with a leftover finger or two…
I took them for granted, let them all slip away –
now where they are, I wish I knew…

They roll by just like water, and I guess we never learn,
we go through life parched and empty,
standing knee deep in a river, and dying of thirst…

Sometimes I remember sweethearts I’ve known,
some I’ve forgotten, I suppose.
One or two still linger, oh, and I wonder now,
why I ever let them go…


So the sidewalk is crowded, the city goes by,
and I rush through another day,
and a world full of strangers turn their eyes to me,
but I just look the other way.


For whom is your soul thirsting this week?  

To hear Kathy Mattea perform Knee Deep in a River, 
click on the video below:

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