Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Generous Justice

Have you been life-giving to other today? 

God is a God of justice, but we too are called to be just, to be life-giving to other.  According to Timothy Keller, author of Generous Justice:  How God’s Grace Makes Us Just,

Doing justice includes not only the righting of wrongs, but generosity and social concern, especially toward the poor and vulnerable.  This kind of life reflects the character of God.  It consists of a broad range of activities, from simple fair and honest dealings with people in daily life, to regular, radically generous giving of your time and resources, to activism that seeks to end particular forms of injustice, violence, and oppression.

In effect Jesus’s message was something like this:  "…Have you seen what kind of life God really wants from you?  Do you love God with every fiber of your being every minute of the day?  Do you meet the needs of your neighbor with all the joy, energy, and fastidiousness with which you meet your own needs?  That is the kind of life you owe your God and your fellow human beings.  God created you and sustains your life every second.  He has given you everything and therefore it is only fair that you give him everything.  If you can give God a life like that, you will certainly merit eternal life."

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