Thursday, March 29, 2018

The bowl of dirty water (N. Mitchell/L. Santucci)

   Novelist Luigi Santucci once wrote that if he could have some relic of Christ’s passion, he’d choose the bowl of dirty water (which Jesus used to wash the disciples’ feet at the Last Supper).  He’d take it to the streets, he tells us, passing from person to person, looking only at their feet and never at their faces – so he couldn’t tell friend from foe.  Popes and presidents, drug dealers and arms merchants, gurgling babies and adoring grandparents, petty thieves and scam artists, prom queens and disc jockeys:  he’d wash the feet of everyone – and keep on washing until they understood.  Jesus’ example suggests that we should be absolutely indiscriminate in our judgment.  Look at feet, not faces.

--Nathan D. Mitchell, Daybreaks (2010)

Image source:  Tom White, detail, Wash My Feet, Lord, bronze sculpture at the Spirit of Joy Church, Arizona 

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