Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Maiden, Woman, Mary (Agnes Cunningham, SSCM)

  Maiden of Nazareth, 
Your heart was open   
To hear and embrace God’s holy Word. 
Teach us to listen, and, with you, to pray: 
Fiat!  Magnificat!  Glory to God! 
Woman of Nazareth, 
Your arms were open   
To welcome the poor, to comfort the weary. 
Teach us to be like you:  humble and loving. 
Fiat!  Magnificat!  Glory to God! 
Mary of Nazareth, 
Virgin and Mother, 
Daughter of God and Spouse of the Spirit, 
Teach us to learn from you 
How to bring Christ to earth. 
Fiat!  Magnificat!  Glory to God!  

--Agnes Cunningham, S.S.C.M., 
Maiden, Woman, Mary 

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