Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Remaining in Jesus (Fr. James Martin)

   What does it mean to remain or abide in Jesus’s love?  What does it mean when he says remain in me?  First, it means keeping the Commandments, listening to Jesus’s words and following his way.  But it also means spending time with him.  If a friend asked you to remain with him, say, while he was in a hospital bed anticipating surgery, you would know simply to stay and be.  Or if you are having an enjoyable day at a friend’s house, she might say to you, Why don’t you stay a little longer?  They’re asking you to remain.  Remaining with Jesus is somewhat similar.  It can mean meditating on his words, spending one-on-one time with him in prayer, and even picturing yourself in his presence.  Why not imagine yourself sitting with Jesus by the Sea of Galilee?  After your prayer is finished, imagine him remaining in your heart.  Remain with him and let him remain with you.

--Fr. James Martin, Facebook, May 10, 2012 

Image source:  Jan Vermeer van Delft, Christ in the House of Mary and Martha (1654)

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