Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tear down these walls (Levi Robin)

  In the days of my youth 
I fell in love with you 
like a raft on the river 
no paddles no use 
But all the rocks they took their toll 
each hit a bit of soul 
‘til one day down the river 
we fell overboard 
Wisdom come speak to me 
don’t let me be in the shadows 
Wake up these tired eyes 
raise me high from sorrow, 
When I was young I found a road 
I saw but couldn’t show 
seeking and wandering 
deep into the unknown 
But I’ve strayed and so you’ve seen 
these wounds 
oh how they bleed red 
as the earthen war torn plains 

Like my father used to say 
good luck ain’t no mistake 
Know you have destiny 
Don’t you hesitate 

I place this hammer in your hand 
let me break let me shatter 
start again 
Tear down these walls 
let the roof cave in 
To read "God is right here," an interview with Levi Robin on the Word on Fire website in which he discusses the spiritual source of his song Days of Our Youth, click here.  To see the video, click on the link below:

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