Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Fixed intensely on God (Psalm 63)

   As this morning breaks through,  
I am looking to you to strengthen me.  
O God,  
my ache is deep for you; 
my soul and my body are stretched to 
and beyond 
the limit: 
so dry, 
so thirsty, 
so desperate for you. 
I am fixed on you intensely,  
right there – in your holy place. 
Radiant in strength, 
Centered, grounded in your glory. 
The beauty of this life 
cannot even claim a closeness 
to the lavish presence of your love. 
I can never complete 
what is more than an entire lifetime of praise, 
with my arms and hands 
reaching out to you. 
All night long, I am awake, 
tossing and consumed 
with the memory of you – 
it fills my night. 
You always help me, 
and I am here beneath your wings, 
lost in my rejoicing; 
I am clinging to you, 
knowing that your right hand 
will sustain me 
while the ground churns and turns beneath me,   
Keeping me safe. 

--Psalm 63, adapted by Catholic composer David Haas,  
copyright 2016, 2017. 

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