Thursday, November 16, 2017

Sunday Gospel Reflection, November 19, 2017: Well done, my good and faithful servant...

 How do you invest the gifts God gives you? 

   In the Book of Proverbs, the worthy wife is deemed an unfailing prize because she knows how to use the gifts God has given her:  wool and flax are worked with loving hands as she manipulates her distaff and spindle.  These gifts are put to the Lord’s service:  she is a woman who fears the Lord and will receive a reward for her labors.  The worthy wife is open to God’s revelation in her life; she can achieve all that is necessary, and more; like the psalmist in Psalm 128, she is open to God and therefore finds blessing in the Lord:  Blessed shall you be, and favored! 

   The parable Jesus tells in Matthew’s Gospel reinforces this understanding of our gifts or talents.  The master in the parable entrusts all three of his servants with a certain sum of money, but with vastly different results.  The first man is able to double the sum he’s been given because he does not live from fear of failure; rather, he is open to God, open to God’s gifts.  He might be what Paul, in his letter to the Thessalonians, calls a child of the light, ready to serve God, alert and sober.  The last man, however, is useless, burying his talents; he does not know how to invest the gifts he has been given.

   We don’t know all of our talents; we discover them as they are revealed to us.  But if we open to the gifts God has for us, then all that we do will flow from our relationship with God, and we will be able to serve both God and other.  God entrusts each of us with life, yet we can’t begin to plumb the depths of what that means until we begin to share it, to invest it; only then will we bear fruit following the model of the good and faithful servant God calls us to be.

This post is based on Fr. Pat’s Scripture class.
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