Monday, November 6, 2017

Our fruitfulness (Fr. Ron Rolheiser)

     And so the truth is that we can achieve great things without being really fruitful, just as we can be very fruitful even while achieving little in terms of worldly success and recognition.  Our fruitfulness is often the result not so much of the great things we accomplish, but of the graciousness, generosity, and kindness we bring into the world . Unfortunately, our world rarely reckons these as an achievement, an accomplishment, a success.  We don’t become famous for being gracious.  Yet when we die, while we may well be eulogized for our achievements, we will be loved and remembered more for the goodness of our hearts than for our distinguished achievements.  
Our real fruitfulness will flow from something 
beyond the legacy of our accomplishments.  

--Fr. Ron Rolheiser, O.M.I. 

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