Monday, February 12, 2018

Blazing the Blessing (David Edwin Hall)

  There came a leper to the Lord 
Who cried to Him for healing, 
And Jesus had compassion toward 
This leper who was kneeling. 
The Lord then charged him not to say 
How he had thus been healed, 
He blazed the matter anyway, 
Like flames across a field. 
Yet now that we are charged to go 
And preach to every nation, 
How strange it is that we are slow 
To speak of His salvation! 
Since that healed leper blazed 
God’s blessing then abroad,  
Shouldn’t we be more amazed 
With saving grace from God? 
Cleanse us, Lord, from weary praise, 
And purge our apathy! 
Stir our hearts again to blaze 
The truth that makes us free! 

--David Edwin Hall, Blazing the Blessing  

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