Sunday, April 1, 2018

What means it, Jesus raised? (Mark DeBolt)

                                     What means it, Jesus raised?
                        The first big bang becomes the last amen.
                        The resurrection, can it be rephrased?
                                    Rephrase it then.

                                    The resurrection is
                        the reversal of the crucifixion,
                        which is, the Holy Torah says,  

                                    in reverse and retro-
                        temporal.  Around the cross the angels sang
                        the great amen, which, holy angels know,
                                    is the big bang.

--Mark DeBolt, 
What Means It, Jesus Raised?

Image source:  Mathias Grünewald, The Resurrection, detail of the Isenheim Altar (ca. 1515)

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